Wrecked Car

Wrecked Car

Whether you have a vehicle that has been involved in an accident and left in totaled condition, or your vehicle has been involved in a flood or fire, or simply is in salvage or scrap condition, we are a car removal company that will buy your vehicle. Wrecked car removals are right up our alley as we are not just a car buyer, but a car wrecker. This allows us to buy and remove your vehicle to dispose of it in an eco-friendly manner. Top dollars4cars offers free car removals, Melbourne wide.

Cash for Wrecked Cars

Cash for wrecked cars isn’t any little chunk of change when you give Top dollars4cars a call. We are a car removal company that understands the value of recycled parts and metals from the vehicle and assure our customers that they will have the value of their recycled vehicle in their hands. We pay Cash for your car of up to $9999, and never hesitate to make an offer on any vehicle we receive.

Just give us a call and we’ll make you a cash offer.

Wrecked Car Disposals and Recycling

Wrecked cars don’t go to waste at Cash for your car. We are a car removal company that offers free car removals and disposes of the vehicle in the most eco-friendly manner. We strip the vehicle of all its metals, including any Platinum, Titanium, Copper, Iron, Steel, and all other metals. These metals are found in the parts of the vehicle, as well as in the construction of its body. They are also metals that add up to value. Simply let us know the details of your vehicle or vehicles and we’ll make you a fair cash offer based on the current scrap metals prices.

Why Choose Total Car Removal?

At Top dollars4cars, we offer cash for wrecked cars. Our car removal company is fully licensed and insured and one that is an auto recycler, making wrecked cars right up our alley.

When you contact Total Car Removal, you contact a company that:

Pays Instant Cash of Up to $9999

  • Buys Any Make and Model of Any Age and Condition of Wrecked Vehicle
  • Offers Free Wrecked Car Removals
  • Performs Eco-Friendly Car Disposals
  • Auto Recycling That Puts the Green Back in Your Pocket
  • Easy to Obtain No Obligation Quotes

We are the car removal company that values the price of vehicles.

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